True friends are like diamonds — bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

In my opinion, each of us should have a best friend which is there to support us when we need it most. This is a person  that understands us perfectly and knows even a little bit more about us than we do ourselves.

Fortunately, there are such persons in our lives, we have each other. Julia and I haven’t been friends since our childhood, but despite this, we share common interests and hobbies. We came together from Latvia, fell in love with the Netherlands and met our boyfriends here. We both are fans of cats and of course we always have a lot of fun when we are together.

It should also be noted that we are very similar, but not in our looks, rather in character. We are united by such qualities as kindness, compassion and honesty. These features are shown in the way we treat each other. I believe, respecting your friend’s opinion is crucial in a good relationship.