“Just be simply next to me… because I very love you”

A beautiful warm summer day in Amsterdam. The greatest evening time. Cosy narrow streets. Skinny Bridges. Amorous boats. Hight blue sky. Soft and lazy sun light. A romantic couple with shinning eyes with full of love to each other. An elegant white wedding dress. A sophisticated yellow high heels. A small sprig of blue hydrangea flowers. A classic men’s outfit. Luxury parfums. Laugh with silver color. However, a big life has already started. Wonderful time! True love, the best friend, nothing else. Champagne! They has just offered and excepted their hands and hearts to each other. The perfect similar rings on their fingers. People look? Yes and wishing best regards. One lady passing by on the bike has screamed in poor Russian “Gorkо”!  Well, cheerful Dutch people ! The blush on both cheeks, modest smiles.