Bringing your imagination to life

A solo photoshoot is a story of your own imagination, it grants you with the possibility to memorize yourself in unique, artistic expressions. Your individuality is the main focus of a solo photo session, consider it your chance to express your dreams and fantasies. Tell your own story in stunning imagery.

Agata portrait

rudenko fujifilm photographer amsterdam

Which story would you tell with a creative shoot that allows you to convert thousands of words, feelings, emotions ideas and dreams into dazzling photographs? Would you prefer to stay yourself or depict an imaginary character, perhaps even assume a role you have always admired? With solo portraiture, you are your own director and script writer!

solo portrait - spring woman - nancy

A story expressed

Bringing your story to life starts with carefully selecting an outfit that fits your mood and intentions behind the shoot. Your hairdo, colors of your clothing, the presence or absence of specific accessories as scarfs or baskets are essential aspects of creating a theme. Makeup adds a final touch to your image.

Indoor lifestyle shoot

The photosets location is of tremendous importance as well. A cityscape full of admirable architecture and hip venues of shining lights illustrates a vivid and energetic vibe while taking portraits in the forest or countryside of the Netherlands adds a more tranquil atmosphere by carefully playing with falling green light beans. Reflections of the sunlight in the sea, ornamented with a fresh breeze, characterize freedom and purity.

Anna Exceela Amsterdam outdoor shoot

woman with horse nature photography netherlands

Enjoy the mystique

Each person is unique, same could be said about one’s story. Pictures focus on emotions and acts. You could imagine yourself gathering flowers, dancing in the rain, mysteriously walking through the forest, escaping sea waves of Holland’s beaches or wandering through Amsterdam’s cozy streets. Will you stare at Dutch clouds or reward the camera with your glance?

woman with red hat lifestyle portrait photography delft

amsterdam city girl photowalk

As a professional photographer, it is my task to assist you with identifying yourself with your chosen image, constantly bringing it to life during the shoot. By creating a comfortable atmosphere and involving you in the photography process, with each captured image, you will mind your soundings lesser and lesser.