Product branding through lifestyle photoset

Your brand is more than just a product. It’s a promise, an identity representing your core values. Portraying your brand trough lifestyle photography is more than just shooting high-end photographs for advertising. It’s about translating values into reality, shaping the way your product is being perceived. Creating an authentic perception is crucial, as it ensures true brand distinguishment and long-term consumer loyalty.


Branding with lifestyle photography starts by setting the right context. Carefully defining a suitable ambiance that highlights the essence of your product. Consumer identification is crucial when it comes to preferring a certain product above all the others. Photographs should thus evoke a warm sense of connectedness, stirring up consumer’s imagination about trusted day-to- day usage as well as the excitement of sharing their satisfactory experience with others.


With an increasing use of social media and online shopping, the phrase “a picture says a thousand words”, is perhaps more relevant than ever before. According to research, 67% of online consumers indicate that picture quality plays a crucial role in purchasing decision making. Based on your product, I am able to offer a different set of creative and professional high-quality photographs. Ensuring perfect focus balance between environment, people and local atmosphere.

product photography - backpacks - freedom of movement europe

Freedom of Movement, a South African brand specialized in handcrafted leather products, approached me with the request to arrange a unique lifestyle photoshoot on Amsterdam’s picturesque canals. The photo session preceded Freedom of Movement’s product introduction in Europe. Sharing creative urban photographs on printed and social media, displaying high-quality bags and watches featured in hip European atmosphere, played a crucial role in the brand’s successful entry to a new market.

Browse through my Blogs Products page for example of lifestyle product photography. Please feel free to contact me for additional information, pricing and availability. Rudenko-Photography is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Photo sessions can be arranged in the Netherlands as well as among other destinations in Europe.