Bachelorette party photography, best friends, birthday and family shoot with all relatives together.


  • 50 hi-res digital photos
  • 1 hour
  • from 3 persons
  • Extra hour:
  • €100
  • 50 hi-res digital photos

The booking fee of €50 should be paid prior to the shoot. The remaining amount can be paid in cash at the shoot or transferred via bank transfer (transfer fees may apply).

The photos will be downloadable within 20 working days (via WeTransfer and free of charge). Waiting time could be slightly longer during the high season. Do you require the photos urgently? The express fee is €50, the photos will be available within 5 working days.

Travel costs to locations outside of Amsterdam are not included in the above-mentioned price. Please mention your preferred location in the contact form to receive a tailored quote.

In case of heavy rain or stormy weather, the photoshoot can be rescheduled to a different time or date. Light rain is not a problem at all! Bringing along an umbrella will add that unique Dutch flavor to your photos!

Capturing the spark

Relatives and friends play an important role in the life of each person. A photoshoot for a festive bachelorette party or informal photos of a friendly company is a great idea for spending a bright, unforgettable time after which there will be a memorable aftertaste in the collection of professional photos.

A group photoshoot, whether it’s a bachelorette party or birthday photography, a photo walk of best friends in Amsterdam or a family shoot at home together with all the relatives, requires an individual approach when choosing the theme, outfits, and mood of the photosession. This is what will be discussed below.

Bachelorette party is a format that is suitable for a fun girls party, pre-wedding hens do, kitchen tea or a birthday celebration. A bachelor’s party is often organized in secret by friends and given as a surprise gift certificate.

The inspiring location and outfit matching.

Are you going to the Netherlands with your friends soon? It is a great idea! “Everything that happened in Amsterdam remains in Amsterdam!” – as is said in a quote from the film “The Hangover”. The most memorable idea for a bachelorette party photography will be a photowalk on the picturesque streets, among canals, gorgeous bridges, authentically decorated porches and of course the symbol of Holland: bicycles.

With regards to outfits, I would suggest choosing a similar style and matching the color palette of all participants, highlighting the bride. During the photoshoot, have fun and enjoy your happy celebration time! The photos will definitely turn out vivid and emotional!

If you live in the Netherlands, you might consider having your photoshoot in a park, on the beach, or at home.

Combining your photoshoot and beautiful flowers would be a great idea! I am sure that if you like flowers, you will definitely enjoy organizing such entertainment for yourself or your friends.

Spring and summer in Holland are filled with incredible aromas of fragrant flowers and greenery! Photoshoots among flowers are always something light and inspired by the bright colors of nature. In addition, you can invite a florist and make bouquets and weaving wreaths for each other.

Bright sun, sea surf, sand dunes and a cheerful mood – these are all the components! Do you agree? Then let’s enjoy a photoshoot that captures an unforgettable day on the coast with seafoam and sunset. Walk along the coast barefoot, run away from rolling waves, fly after the wind, play with a flying kite and have a picnic on the beach! Such photographs will always make you feel inspired by unlimited sea dreams.

Photographs taken at home are speaking by themselves – the sweet cozy atmosphere and best closest company. Decorate the space with interesting details, for example, use high tea setting or make cocktails, flower vases, light up candles… You can even bake pancakes in the kitchen together for some tasty fun! Balloons help to create an amazing holiday atmosphere! Home photography is always filled with truly pleasant and cozy memories!

A photoshoot is a bright and unforgettable moment. Everyone wants extraordinary photos, let’s create a photosession especially for your taste, whether it’s a bright party in Hawaii, oriental fairytale or a French-style whiskey tasting, playing cards in a cozy bar or a pool party in the style of the popular music festival Coachella using smoke bombs … the possibilities are endless and I will be pleased to capture them for you in the best angles and timeless photos!